Thursday, May 1, 2008

treadmill hills are my bitch!

Last night I did the treadmill/hill workout Anne posted about. I didn't expect it to be fun! Seriously- fun! I felt tough!

I hate- HATE- running on treadmills. But, I live in a pretty flat town so it's hard to do hill workouts without driving up the canyon so the idea of doing hills on the treadmill suited me. It's a pretty good workout. When I do it again I'll increase the time on the hills. WBR has lots of hills!

Anyway- try it. You'll like it.

PS- Sorry about the swear but... I like to swear. Don't judge me.


melinda said...

okay, i promise on my honor that I will come do this workout with you this week!!! Seriously I have got to get on track!

Emz said...

love that you posted this. I'm a runner as well [with a super bad knee] so I do all my runs on a treadmill. yikes. not so fun. even though you posted this long ago - I'm sure it will still hurt tomorrow. ;) Done 5 marathons so far - now I'm just praying I get into NYC since I missed the deadline for Boston. :( at least the qualifiying time is good for two years - right?! ;)