Saturday, March 29, 2008


So I am training for this run, but also for a sprint triathlon coming up April 12th and honestly I have never been so hungry in my life!! I've been pretty good about working out, before this, but I guess I'm finally actually burning some calories! Hallelujah for that... But seriously, I just started in on this swimming and biking thing, and it totally helps out on my running! So anyone that is looking for an extra boost, try it out! And it's way easier on your body!

Friday, March 28, 2008

oh goodness

So, I'm training. But I still might die. Just thought I'd share that.

heaven or hell... the story

OK so yes, maybe I did say there was a story behind the name. However, I never said it was a good story.
Admittedly I'm not a good maker-uper of names, titles, etc. So when I was registering the team I just went with the first thing that came to mind. It plays in a few different ways... you see...


A handful of us are originally from and/or live in Utah which some (Utahns who have never lived outside of Utah) would consider Heaven. Also, the race is IN Utah. Another handful of us are from and/or live in Las Vegas, aka Sin City. That would be the Hell part of it (seriously have you ever BEEN to Vegas in the summer?). Alternatively, there are some (non-native Utahns) who would say Utah is Hell. I'm not going to agree or disagree with that.

The Race Itself:

I can go ahead and guarantee y'all that we're not going to win this race. Sorry if I'm dashing anyone's dreams here. Many of us have already admitted to our lack of training, fear of dying, etc. On one hand, running 15-18 miles (ranging in difficulty), not sleeping and being crammed into a van with 5 other people pretty much sounds like Hell. However, as Katie said, this race is UBER-FUN! Or so I've been told by every single person who I've ever talked to who has done it. Kickin' it with5 of your best friends (or future best friends) for 2 days on the ultimate road trip. Heaven? Yes indeed!

I think I had some other thoughts but I can't remember them right now.
I think we need to make team t-shirts! Mojica- wanna design them?
<-- by the way, this is the 1st image that came up when I googled the word "hell". I just thought it was funny. I don't know what it is but I want one! Good thing it will be available in a few days!

i'm a running nerd

hey everyone! i'm so excited for the race. i've done the wasatch before and let me tell you it was one of the funnest races i've ever done. and now that i've proven to all of you my running nerdiness (totally a word) i will just add to it.

with training in mind, unless you're aiming for a really good time in the race, time in training isn't incredibly important. what really should be focused on is endurance and consistency. if you run 4-5 times a week, you'll do good during the race. it isn't really necessary to run more than a ten mile run on any day during your training. let's say your longest leg of the race is 7.5 miles. during your training your body really only needs to go over that distance once, maybe twice. just take your longest leg of the relay and add 1-2 miles and that's the longest run you really need. of course doing more isn't bad either. =)

training for hills is a really good idea. both uphill and down. downhill is harder on your body than uphill which i'm sure you all already know. not all the legs have hills but it still helps during training.

seriously guys, this race is a blast. we're going to rock! thanks christy for setting it up.

sorry if i sounded like i know everything. believe me i don't. just thought i'd share the little a learned from the last wasatch i did. =) this is gonna be awesome!

I just might die!!!

I thought I'd follow suit with the uber expressive blog titles (I love abusing the exclamation point!!).

I think I'm absolutely insane for agreeing to run this thing, I really think I might die. I've kind of started training...well on the days I don't eat my weight in buffalo wings or banana ice cream, anway. I think I'm supposed to be up to 12 miles on my long runs, but that isn't happening. I think I'll wait until after my next race (next Sunday) to start real training.

Mojoman085, there are a few training programs on the official website that you can follow. One looks pretty easy with lots of rest days and relatively short runs and the other one, which I'm doing, is a running disaster, with the shortest run being 5 miles and only one rest day during the week. You can find them here. That should help you with your question about how much you should be running. You should check out or find some runners forums for answers to your other questions. Chloe, whenever she joins, could probably direct you to some good websites. Personally, I just run without any regard to the effectiveness of my training, which is probably why my body is falling apart.

My mom is sending me an article about training for hills, which was written specifically with the Wasatch Back in mind, and I will share with you guys when I get it.

Thanks Christy for putting this all together, although I might be cursing you in the days, weeks and months to come (just fair warning). So I'm curious, what's the story behind our team name? Didn't you say there was one??

I'm way excited to get to know all of you, not to mention spend 36 hours in a van with 5 of you. Should be a blast!


hey i've started training! pretty much running everyday a little more and more. my partner in crime...we'll call him "hurl-rod" has also been giving me pointers and pushing me along. Does anyone have any tips on how to make training more effective? how many miles should i be running and how fast before the race?

holy crap!

This is it guys! Welcome to our team blog. Hopefully everyone will feel free to post some fun stuff here- introduce yourself, give training tips, motivational stuff, funny stuff, whatevs.

You guys rock! Our team rocks!

ps-the race is getting close! has anyone started training yet? i haven't!