Saturday, April 26, 2008


Well I would have to agree with the love/hate relationship with running, that others have spoken about. I was talking to someone yesterday, and was telling him about all this running madness in my life right now, and he said, "wow, you must really love to run" and I told, him, no actually I hate it, but when I was little my mom would always make me eat my vegetables, and told me I would eventually like them. And guess what mom was right. I love veggies now, even broccoli!!! So I feel like if I keep doing enough of this, I'll learn to love it. Right? Someone please tell me this is worth my time! please?
When I'm not having an internal battle about running, I live in Vegas and do hair. I love my job. I get to hangout with fun people all day,talk and be creative, what could be better? I'm also in school studying interior design. But am on the 8 year track, because it's really more of a hobby than a goal for a career.
I just finished my first triathlon a couple weeks ago, and that i can say I loved. I am planning on another one at the end of the summer. I love to hike, and spend lots of time every summer up in Zion climbing around. So yeah, that about sums it up for me. I cant' wait to meet you all. This is going to be great! (i hope!)


Anne said...

I have the exact same response when people ask me if I love to run. I love to see the shocked and confused looks on their faces.

Congrats on your first tri, that's awesome!

cropstar said...

haha! I'm hoping the same thing- that if I keep running, eventually I will learn to love it. I'm already addicted so I think I'm on the right track ;)
Hey- Let's plan a trip to Zion!! I want to go!