Thursday, April 24, 2008


I think Anne's ideas of both posting intros and doing a cd exchange are great. Or maybe a playlist exchange.

I'm Chloe. I'm not the best runner ever, but I love it (in the sense that I love to be able to talk about it after I do it). I ran my first marathon last year, and will (hopefully) be running St. George again, and LV for sure. I'm originally from the Bay Area, but currently live in Provo and I LOVE IT (like I love doing laundry) but will be here two more years for grad school.

I haven't been training very well, but that will all change as soon as this damn cold is gone.

Oh, and I swear, which is why I'm case any of you wanted to know.

How's that by way of intro, Anne?


Anne said...

I suppose we could do a playlist exchange. That would definitely be easier, although I'm a complete free music whore! But you already knew that didn't you Chloe?!

Thanks for the intro!!

cropstar said...

Oh Anne... you are a whore. In more ways than one ;) Haha.

FREE MUSIC! YES! I want to be a free music whore as well!