Friday, April 25, 2008

just me...

ok here's me.

my name is katie bailey (obviously). i'm from las vegas but i'm moving back to p to the rovo in june. i love to run and have been doing it most of my life. i've done a couple of marathons and hope to get into the st. george marathon again this year. i qualified for the boston marathon my first year but didn't get to run it so that's the plan for this year's st. george. i've done the wasatch back before and it was by far one of the funnest races i've ever run. if you have not done it yet prepare yourself for a good time. my favorite smells are chlorine and swiss army cologne. i hate fruit and literally almost anything good for me. =) my favorite time to run is also in the rain. oh and i never train which is really terrible of me and my old coaches would be so upset if they knew. =)

i can't wait to run with all of you. it's gonna be a blast!


Anne said...

You qualified for Boston? That is awesome! That is a dream of mine (which will likely remain a dream). You mentioned old coaches, for which sport?

I'm pretty sure I'm indimidated by you; and I mean that in the nicest, most flattering way possible. :)

cropstar said...

katie you are amazing. i'm pretty sure qualifying for boston is a pipe dream for me and you go and qualify in your first year. this is why you are hot!

and i can't believe you are moving to provo. you suck. ok not really. i'm just sad that you are ditching vegas.