Thursday, April 24, 2008

My Intro...

Well, I guess it's my turn to introduce myself. Let's see, I live in the SugarHouse area of Salt Lake City, UT. I'm originally from Kansas City - go Chiefs and GO KU!!! Rock Chalk baby- National Champs! Sorry, I had to throw that in. Anyway, I went to Ricks my freshman year, served a mission in Peru, and graduated from BYU about 5 years ago. I now work at Goldman Sachs as an analyst.

I love to run; but this is a newly found hobby of mine. About 11 weeks before the Salt Lake 1/2 Marathon, a friend told me about it. I didn't hesitate to start training for it. It was nice to do something that I enjoyed and have a goal to work towards as well. So, the race was about a week ago and I loved it - people are right, this is addicting - weird. I finished in just over two hours - a little disappointing since I thought I had finished in under two hours - oh well. I'm now training for a triathlon that will be in July and, of course, the Wasatch Back, now that we have found a team. So, thanks for having us! We're excited. I'll see if I can get Matt to get on here and introduce himself as well. We're looking forward to meeting you (i've already met one, I'll let Anne tell the story - it's pretty funny, actually. It's got to do with a co-worker of mine, a text-to-land-line, and me calling her not knowing who in the world I was calling!) Anyway, good luck with the training we'll see you all soon!


Anne said...

You just had to bring that up didn't you?! Maybe I'll share...just as soon as I get over my embarrassment over the whole situation. It was pretty funny though wasn't it?!

Good luck with the Tri! I was supposed to train for one this year as well, but I quit when I realized doggie paddling wasn't an acceptable swimming method.

Glad you guys could join us!

chloe elizabeth said...

I realize Goldman is big, but do you know Greg Greer?

Anne - I want to hear this story!